Like a Magpie, I Live for Glitter

I like a bit of bling as much as the next girl. In the words of Mika... "like a magpie, I live for glitter", or in this case, brass and gold. Anything shiny and metallic usually catches my eye and my heart. When I tried to convince my husband that a particular (rather expensive) brass light needed to make it's way into our bedroom, he whisked me off to a local 2nd hand shop. Upstairs we found a plethora of old brass light fittings, and I was like a kid in a candy store! 

I chose a beautiful three-armed light - I love the shape of the arms - and with some Brasso and elbow grease, she came up a treat. We bought some large, round light bulbs, because I love the mix of old and new, and Mark wired it up. I couldn't be happier, and do you know how much that light was?... $10! (plus the bulbs). We still need to find the do-dackies (that's the technical term!) that cover the screw-in part of the bulb, and then it will be perfect.

In case there are more metallic lovers out there, I've complied a small selection of my current favourites. I already own the Jonathan Adler gold zebra dish, Tom Dixon candle, and Lindi Kingi bracelets, and the other items are high on my wishlist.

Carnaby Metallic Zebra Stacking Dish - Mondegreen | Brass Wall Sconce - One Forty Three | Gold Cushion - Collected | Cross Brass Stool for Kate Sylvester - Douglas and Bec | Tom Dixon Eclectic Scent Candle - ECC | 6mm Bead Bracelets with Skull - Lindi Kingi | Futagami Brass 'Galaxy' Trivet - Douglas and Bec | Gold Leafed Bar Cart - Furbish Studio