The Big Blue

In my home I am surrounded by water-loving people! My husband loves all water sports, especially surfing and wind surfing, and my three kids must've been fish in their former lives. Even our dog, who is a golden retriever, is a water dog, and will make a b-line for a puddle! I, on the other hand, am more of a land lover. But I do find water, the ocean in particular, absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing - as long as I'm not in it! :)

I have long admired the image above with the massive photograph of the ocean. I find it
so simple and tranquil, and in my busy life I crave tranquility. Whether it's calm waters, crashing waves, or a rippling swimming pool, I love all water images.

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I recently acquired my very own piece of watery art, and I absolutely love it. After a lot of searching I found a shop on Etsy run by New York artist and photographer, Suzanne Harford. She has some beautiful beach & ocean photographs and she was kind enough to create a custom listing for me. She tweaked the colours on my chosen photograph, as I wanted it slightly more turquoise, and created a special large size print. Once received, I had it framed in a simple wooden frame and it now hangs happily in my living room.

It has the exact effect I was hoping for - calm and peaceful - and it's easy to get lost in.
You can't see it, but to the left is a large window seat that looks out and across to the real ocean. But I find my picture always pulls me back.