Roco Magazine | Issue Seven

The latest Roco Magazine is out, and I'm thrilled to be featured in this issue. Based in the UK, where they are in the early stages of winter, the magazine is brimming with inspiration and a beautiful, moody colour palette.

Each issue Roco chooses a blogger to showcase their favourite room. My home office is in the corner of our living room, and since I spend so much time here, it's really important to me that it's a space I enjoy being in.

My computer is always surrounded by interior books and magazines, and I love to have fresh flowers when I can. I like things that have a function as well as looking good, and my little swan in a bow tie is one such example. He's very cute, and his head is also a pen that lifts on and off - always handy.

I love creating little vignettes, and they're ever changing.

In the opposite corner to my desk is my hanging pod chair. If I can manage to take five for a cuppa, this is an excellent spot to chill out, although I sometimes have to fight the kids and the cats for it!

Our living room has been created in my favourite colour palette of blues and golds with a hint of pink. It's a lovely, relaxed room where we often hang out with friends and family. The kids like to sprawl on our large window seat which overlooks the Botanical Gardens. We often get flocks of white doves from the gardens flying by which is always spectacular, and in the distance the sea shimmers. I love this room.