3 Wishes | Alana & Warren

I'm hoping y'all know by now what my '3 Wishes' is about, but if you need me to catch you up... I select two awesome people whom I admire greatly and ask them what's top of their wish list. Then I throw one of mine in, just because my list is long, and I love to share it! Today I'm really excited to have the amazingly talented husband and wife team of Alana and Warren Broadhead-Fryer.

Alana is the woman behind one of my most fave blogs, FANCY! New Zealand Design Blog. She brings us the best design from New Zealand and around the world, and all with a wicked sense of humour! FANCY was the first blog I ever started following. I remember the days when I was still working in a graphic design agency (and not loving it so much), I had the website bookmarked so I could escape to a beautiful land of design, even if only for a few minutes!

If you follow Alana's blog, you'll know what excellent taste she has, so I was looking forward to seeing what she chose. I definitely approve of her Candy Dot Cushion from Danish furniture and design brand HAY.

I let Alana have a second wish because I know how hard it is to stop at one, and it's truly gorgeous... a Seize Bracelet by The Boyscouts. Now that I've been introduced, I really want one of their hexagon rose gold rings.

Warren is the creative genius behind Company and Things. His cleverly designed logo says it all - a company that makes beautiful trestle desks. Classic and stylish Warren's desks work brilliantly in most environments. We've used them in our Bibby + Brady client's homes and I highly recommend them.

It seems that Warren shares his wife's great taste. He loves everything from Hard Graft, especially their Mighty Phone Fold Wallet. I am so pleased that I asked Warren to share his wish, it's fantastic to have a guy's input. I find it so hard to buy for the men in my life, and now (thanks to Warren and Hard Graft) I've got it covered. Check out this cool MacBook Pro Retina Zip Sleeve.

And here's a little example of the combined talent - Warren's desk and one of Alana's prints.

Now to my wish - I would really like a new chair for my desk. I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of time at my desk. Because it's in the corner of our sitting room, I have a ghost chair so that it doesn't take up too much visual space. But as great as those ghost chairs look, they are not meant for long hours of sitting!

I have decided that this divine Featherston Chair from Mr Bigglesworthy would do nicely. It certainly won't blend into nothingness, but it's just gorgeous. And I could pull it round for an extra seat when we have friends and family over.

Thanks so much Alana and Warren for taking part in 3 Wishes. x