Dark Walls | Three Ways

Domino.com is a favourite source of inspiration for me, and now, with their newly introduced image gallery, it's become even easier to browse their brilliance. You can narrow your search by room or colour, and that was fantastic when I was recently looking for inspiration on black walls. Here are three examples, all quite different, but all sensational.

Your entranceway is the perfect place to create a statement in your home, as it greets people, and gives them a hint of what's to come. Style writer and interior designer, Rita Konig, has nailed her entranceway with this beautiful black wallpaper adorned with birds and flowers. It's beautiful against the blue tiled floor, and looking back from the room beyond, the stark contrast to the white walls is stunning. The hints of pink and green in the entrance are echoed in the foreground room, giving a sense of cohesion.

If you want to be wowed with a gorgeous home check out this one belonging to architect and interior designer, Will Meyer and his family. A super modern country house it combines slick design with comfort and functionality. I love the contrast between the dark wood panelling in the bedroom and the crisp white. It creates a refreshingly unique Scandinavian feel.

A lot of people would balk at the idea of black walls in a child's bedroom, but I love it juxtaposed with bright, vibrant colour. This bedroom is deliciously adventurous with it's yellow and white striped ceiling which could be achieved with wallpaper or paint.

What do you think of these rooms? Do you have a favourite?