The Home of Jenny & Jens

This home that I'm sharing with you today is quite special. I love all of it's quirky charm and how unique it is. This is my idea of a real home, it's obviously a true reflection of it's owners, Jenny Brandt, Jens Grönberg, and their kids, Viola and Frank.

Jenny is a photographer (I've featured her blog previously) and Jens is a graphic designer, so it's no wonder they have such a creative home. They've worked hard to renovate what was once the worst house in the street. Although it's been transformed, everything was done by simple means and within a tight budget.

The furniture is a cool collection of family heirlooms, flea market and internet finds. My favourite is the orange sofa which was from a film studio props sale. Jenny's father, a former car painter, has used his skills to paint some their old furniture giving them a new lease on life. And some of the art is old movie posters and record albums, as well as Jenny's own photographs.

Jenny says their home is constantly changing as their family grows. And this is how it should be - a home should be ever evolving, growing and changing. That's what keeps it interesting, don't you agree?!