Favourite Space | Kimberley Crisp + Liane Sanderson

When we first met our clients, Liane Sanderson (left) and Kimberley Crisp (right), Dael and I liked them instantly. Lovely, genuine people with big hearts, they truely appreciate the simple things in life and have created an enviable lifestyle for themselves. Kimberley and Liane already had a great sense of their own style, but just needed some help choosing paint colours and a few bits and pieces to enhance their home.

My favourite kind of home is one that tells a story about the people who live there, and Kimberley and Liane's certainly does that! We knew we wanted to feature it in our "favourite spaces" and share it with you, so once the paint had dried and the wallpaper was up we set off to visit the girls, with our awesome photographer, Florence Charvin, in tow.

When choosing colours for their home we took into consideration what they had inside in their textiles and accessories, as we wanted the house to have a sense of cohesion. We chose Resene Jungle Mist, a serene grey blue for the exterior of the house with Resene Smitten on the door. One of our hanging pod chairs provides the perfect spot to chill out on the front deck.

The couple bought their tiny Clive cottage two years ago after living for 16 years in a huge two-storey house in Napier. The maintenance on such a big property was a lot for two people, so the move allowed them to down-size and be closer to The Nest Kindergarten where Kimberley teaches, and Liane sometimes relieves.

The house is filled with furniture, accessories and momento's collected over the years. Liane has had the green velvet sofa for many years. Bags and baskets are a favourite item to collect, and may have something to do with their love of travel, as well as being great storage in the little cottage.

We used Resene Quarter Silver Chalice on the living room and bedroom walls. One of our favourites, it's a beautiful soft, silvery grey with no hint of brown or blue in it. It's a lovely neutral to use instead of white, and has just enough pigment in it to contrast beautifully with crisp white trims.

It's quite obvious when you're at their house that Kimberley and Liane love flowers, so Dael and I knew that a floral wall mural by Back to the Wall would be perfect on one wall. We chose a peony image by our great friend and photographer, Helen Bankers, to go on the wall at the end of the kitchen. In front sits a small dining table that can double as a desk, and the peony makes up for the lack of a window on that wall.

As well as working at The Nest, Kimberley and Liane have a Professional Development business and they regularly travel in their house bus, "Billie", taking workshops around the country. Kimberley works with other childcare teams teaching and inspiring them in all aspects of early childhood education. Liane has a background in landscape design and specialises in playground development and maintenance, as well as being in charge of the all the business administration.

Kimberley and Liane have travelled extensively around the world, to Budapest, Amsterdam, Asia, America and more. Travel is a hugely important part of their lives, but they are equally happy when they're at home in their little Clive community. "It's got everything we need here," says Kimberley. "The coffee cart across the road, the pub on the corner, two flower nurseries, some great shops, the bike tracks, and amazing sunsets". They also have their beloved pets at home - rescue dog, Lincoln, and two cats, Smooch and Sapphy - although Linc is also a regular passenger on Billie the Bus when Kimberley and Liane hit the road.

I asked Kimberley and Liane a few questions so we could get to know them better...

What do you love most about your home?

It's our little refuge from the world. We love all the tiny spaces and the indoor/outdoor flow. We can eat every meal outside on the decks or picnic on the lawn.

What has been the best find for your home?

The peony wall mural and the Axminster floral carpet that we had made into a rug in the living room.

Do you have any advice for others wanting to buy a house bus or camper?

Go with your gut and your heart, and get one with a permanent made-up bed.

What's your favourite time of day?

From 3pm - 7pm - the late afternoon sun, we both love sunsets.

Who or what inspires you?

Nature and animals, and people who live from their heart.

What are you reading/listening to?

Liane - reading: The Language of Miracles by Amelia Kincade • listening to: Ram Dass celtic harp
Kimberley - reading: all home & garden mags • listening to: The Genius of Play

Favourite summer meal?

Bruschetta, and to finish cherries and pomegranates!!!

Favourite drink?

White ginger tea, and as a treat, Bailey cocktails.

Favourite thing you own?

Billie the Bus, and Lincoln - although we don't own him, he owns us :)

Top of your wish list for your home?

A wood fired cedar hot tub.

Thank you so much Kimberley and Liane for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to share it.

You can see from our concept boards below that the girls have followed through with our ideas, including getting one of our amazing picnic rugs to throw out on their back lawn and take on the bus. We look forward to working with them further on their second bedroom/office, as well as their kitchen and bathroom area. Watch this space!