Rocking Colour on a Dark Background

Over the last six months Dael & I have addressed the question about "how to find your interior style" at several workshops. One of the things we suggest is to look to your wardrobe to see what colours, patterns and even style of clothing you're attracted to - relaxed, Boho, tailored... I was in Auckland this weekend with three girlfriends and we know each other so well we can virtually pick the clothes our friends are going to make a bee-line for. "Oh, that is so you, try it on", we'd say. Your home should be the same. When your friends come over they should instantly be able to see that it's a reflection of your style, taste and lifestyle.

While shopping with my friends this weekend I tried on this gorgeous shirt (above) from Stolen Girlfriends Club. It is a classic example of my taste in fashion mirroring my taste in interiors. I love the drama of colour against a dark background, whether it's a fabric, a wallpaper, a piece of art, or a room. The dark base is deep and moody, and any colour layered on top just seems to jump out at you. I couldn't stop thinking about that shirt and I'm very happy to say that it's now hanging happily in my wardrobe.

A couple of my favourite James Dunlop fabrics display the same qualities - love them!

Of course metallics look stunning on a dark background. The gold pineapples on this black wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co create a look that is both fun and glamorous.

I've recently painted my living room a deep, inky blue and I love how my brass and light wood accents are dramatically lifted by the dark colour. Artwork, cushions, flowers and greenery all look amazing against a dark base.

If you want some ideas about working with, and mixing colours in your home or wardrobe, one of my favourite websites is Design Seeds. Here you'll find thousands of beautiful colour palettes mostly inspired by nature. Browse the latest or search by 'colour' or 'collection'.

Does your home look anything like your wardrobe, can you see a common thread? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave me a message below.