The Block Kid's Room | Girls vs Boys

Sorry I couldn't bring you this week's roundup sooner, we've been out of town visiting some amazing new clients, but I have been keeping up to date with everything that's happening on The Block. What did you think of the kid's rooms? What a turn around by Sam & Emmett - from zero to hero in a week! The boys got some first hand advice from a 10 year old girl, which I thought was very smart, and certainly paid off as they walked away with the win.

Sam and Emmett: 1st place - 18 points (9 from Fiona and 9 from Paul)

These were really high scores for week 2 - too high?.. Hmmm, perhaps. Don't get me wrong, I think Sam and Emmett's room was a great effort, especially compared to their first room, but I'm not sure it was one point off perfection. I loved the colours they chose - Resene Half Duck Egg Blue on the walls, and Resene Alabaster on the ceiling and trims. It's a lovely soft, restful colour palette and one that would suit an older child or an adult, giving future buyers plenty of scope.

This week both the boys teams had to design their room for a 10 year old girl, and the two girls teams had to design theirs for a 10 year old boy. Contrary to popular belief, girls rooms don't have to be filled with pink. My three girls are all "blue" fans, as was Sam & Emmett's 10 year old consultant, and she also wisely suggested gold which adds warmth, and balances the cooler wall colour.

The fairy lights and touches of bling in the mirror and lamps were fantastic, and the room could easily be adjusted for a teenager by changing out artwork and accessories, which I love.

Minor criticisms - there are a lot of little things going on in the room, a larger "hero" piece of art over the bed would've created a focal point. I just want to re-zhush a few of the styling pieces, and perhaps lower the hooks as they look a bit high for a child to reach, but that's being picky. Well done boys.

Dyls and Dylz: 2nd place - 15 points (7 from Fiona and 8 from Paul)

The "double D's" was actually my least favourite this week (sorry guys). I think what gave them the good scores was their use of tiny lights in the ceiling creating a starry night - that was amazing. Unfortunately I don't love their choice of wall colour, and with the sloping ceiling it seems to stunt the room. I think painting the walls and ceiling the same colour would've been better.

I love a hanging chair and I'm sure all little girls would too. The thick rope seems very heavy and out of place though. A simple metal chain would've moved the focus back to the chair and the cushions.

The room needs a few more details - some artwork and accessories would've added a bit of life. But on a positive note, the little desk was a great use of that space.

Emma and Courtney: 3rd place - 14.5 points (7.5 from Fiona and 7 from Paul)

I like the warmth and texture the girls brought to the room with the plywood wall. It's a good size room and I'm sure a 10 year old would love the double bed and all the accessories.

The desk looks a little high, but that could be fixed. Personally, I would've hung the curtains right from the ceiling - it's only a few more cm's, but just adds that sense of height and elegance to a room. There are elements I like in this room, but I'm not blown away by the space.

Niki and Tiff: Last place - 10 points (5 from Fiona and 5 from Paul)

The girls were strategic this week, purposefully forfeiting the win by ignoring the brief, choosing to think of the overall look and feel of their home as a whole. The brief was for a 10 year old boy's room and no white walls.

I'm in two minds about their room... it's by far my favourite of the four, but I do feel they could've easily tweaked the room to make it more kid appropriate, without compromising their design aesthetic. Accessories, whether it's a guitar, a surfboard, a pair of sneakers, some sort of music setup (or all of the above) could've looked really cool. The bones would've remained the same, and the room would've been more on brief.

I love the faux brick wall, and the texture and styling is spot on. But designing a kid's room is really fun and I think they lost an opportunity here. There are plenty of adult spaces to come.

What are your thoughts? Have you got a favourite team yet, and do you agree with the judges, or me for that matter? Bathroom week is shaping up to be a goodie, I can't wait to see how they turn out, and if everyone manages to finish.