The Block Guest Bedroom | Girls vs Boys

Pulling the guest bedroom together whilst also having the Dinner Wars challenge on proved to be a busy and stressful week for all of the teams. Eating out and being entertained in the evening, although fun, took away valuable painting time, and inevitably meant less sleep too. But once again everyone completed their room, and here are the results...

Niki and Tiff: 1st place - 18 points (9 from Fiona and 9 from Paul)

This win means Niki and Tiff have won every room except the kid's bedroom, which they deliberately threw so that they could stay consistent with their overall style. The other teams are all feeling a bit at a loss as to what they can do to beat the girls. The girls stayed true to their style and worked with a monochromatic palette and lots of texture. It's all pretty gorgeous, but I will share my thoughts about how I think it could be even more so...

Curtains would've added a softness to the room, which I think it needs. In a soft white linen they would've sat quietly with a subtle sophistication. I would love to see just a hint of colour, perhaps earthy greens and blues with slightly muddy pinks. I also would've pulled the styling together into tighter groups creating a stronger focal point rather than having them spread out and floating. But I'm being picky, these girls are amazing, and on the whole, I love what they do.

Part of the brief was that each team had to have a hand in making a custom headboard. Niki has become quite the apprentice, and she helped their builder create the built-in headboard, which also acts as a shelf, and includes a long floating bedside. I love this, it looks fantastic, and the other thing I love is the large 2x3m rug under the bed, it's an excellent size.

Sam and Emmett: 2nd place - 16 points (8 from Fiona and 8 from Paul)

The boys are sick of being the bridesmaids and never the bride. They really wanted this win, and they presented a great room. Their woven leather headboard was a-ma-zing, I like it a lot, and I was really impressed with their styling too (except not loving the throw placement or the curtain tieback - but minor details).

Although the large striped rug is really cool, it is quite a strong and striking element which pulls your eye away from the headboard, which is the hero of the room. I would've moved the two art prints a bit closer together, but that's also a minor detail, it was a great effort by Sam and Emmett.

Dyls and Dylz: 3rd place - 12.5 points (6.5 from Fiona and 6 from Paul)

Dyls and Dylz have also stayed consistent with their rustic style, and it was great to see them take onboard some of the judges comments from last week, and pare it back a bit. Their macrcocarpa headboard was really well executed and I like the inset shelf, although I don't think it needed to be lit, the bedside lights are enough.

It's a nice room, but I'm not 'wowed'. The boys are putting their heart and soul into each room, so it's hard to watch them at the judging each week, but that's what all the teams signed up for with The Block. It can be a tough process.

Emma and Courtney: Last place - 10 points (5 from Fiona and 5 from Paul)

This week was particularly hard on Courtney. Her lack of sleep, and the room not turning out the way she had hoped caused a few tears. The girls took a risk by installing a glass brick feature wall behind their bed, but the result was too cold and hard for a bedroom and took away from their headboard. By the end of the week both Emma and Courtney had fallen out of love with their headboard, but I really like it, and agree with Fiona that a plain white painted wall behind would've looked better (not to mention been cheaper and easier).

Despite the outcome, the judges applauded the girls' choice to try something bold, and didn't want this setback to discourage them in future rooms. The throw doesn't do much for me and the art is too small, but the inky blue bedding looks fantastic against the warmth of the parquet headboard. I also would've made the curtains pull right back to the walls for a fuller, more sophisticated look. On a positive note, Emma won the game changing challenge, so the girls have the "+1" to play when the right opportunity arises.

It's been great getting some comments and feedback from you guys, keep it coming. What are your highlights so far? I have to say I love Sunday's show when I get to see what Fiona McLeod is wearing - love her style :) Pop over to the TV3 website for much more, and tune in tonight when 'big' Dyls has everyone worried when he experiences chest pains - hope he's OK!