The block is over | Girls vs Boys

The Block NZ is a wrap for another season. There was much excitement in our household last night as we watched the live auction. Before I get to that though, let's have a quick look at the very last room reveal for the season. Just when the teams thought they had finished renovating, Mark announced one last challenge - House 5. The house was divided up and spaces were allocated to the teams. As the winners, Sam and Emmett had the enviable task of choosing the auction order.

Sam and Emmett - Bedroom + Ensuite: 1st place - 18.5 points (9.5 points from Fiona and 9 points from Paul)

The judges obviously loved the boy's master bedroom and ensuite. It was certainly a far cry from their very first bedroom in week 1. There was a subtle sophistication with a slight masculine edge.

Niki and Tiff - Kitchen, Dining + Guest Bedroom: 2nd place - 16.5 points (8.5 points from Fiona and 8 points from Paul)

I really liked seeing the girls present a different style to their Block house. The kitchen and dining had a modern retro feel. I love the black subways laid vertically, and the chairs were cool, albeit the table a bit too small for the space.

The guest bedroom was beautiful and very feminine. Those pendant lights are gorgeous, and the colour palette is simple and pretty, inspired by the artwork.

Dyls and Dylz - Main Bathroom, Garage + Laundry: 3rd place - 15.5 points (7.5 points from Fiona and 8 points from Paul)

I don't understand why D+D decided to copy N+T's tribal style in this bathroom. It was similar to the girls' style but not as good (in my opinion).

Their garage and laundry was similar to their own Block house, so it was good, but a bit lazy from a design aspect, I thought. This house was a chance to embrace a different look.

Emma and Courtney - Living Room, Entrance + Stairs: last place - 15 points (7 points from Fiona and 8 points from Paul)

I loved seeing some colour in the girls' living room. The blue of the sofa is gorgeous and works really well with the tan leather chair.

I recognise that console table in the entrance from E+C's Block house, so, once again, it was a shame they didn't try something new. The fact that the teams managed to complete this house in one week though is pretty incredible.

Choosing to have their Block house auctioned last, well and truly paid off for Sam and Emmett. Their profit of $380,000 over the reserve price (the largest profit in The Block NZ history) crowned them the winners of The Block Girls vs Boys. As the winners they received an extra $100,000 bringing their total to $480,000 - amazing!

Emma and Courtney came second with an impressive $300,000 over reserve to split between themselves. Dyls and Dylz gained $151,000 over reserve, and also walked away with a brand new Honda HR-V Sport for being voted The People's Choice. Although last, Niki and Tiff still won $150,000 from the sale of their house, so a hugely successful way to finish this season. Catch up on all The Block news and many more photos on the TV3 website, where they're already looking for 2017 Block applicants - will it be you?