Nina Dobrev's Home Tour

Definitely the coolest home I've come across on the net this year is the California bungalow belonging to Nina Dobrev. I have a hard time putting a label on my interior style, and I don't necessarily think that we should have to label everything. But if I did, "relaxed-boho-glam" would be an apt description, and I think Nina has the same aesthetic.

After following Mat Sanders (Consort Design and creative director for Domaine Home) on Instagram for some time, Nina knew and loved his style. He, along with partner Brandon Quattrone, worked with Nina to help transform the Spanish-style, four bedroom house into the glamorous, laid back home you see here.

Mat used the strong contrast of black and white throughout the home and softened it with warm tones such as natural wood, brass and gold.

Artwork, books and accessories collected by Nina over the years help bring through her personality and tell a beautiful story about who lives here.

A powder blue kitchen is a bold choice, and it works so well with the brass fittings and black and white tiles. They've even included an all-time favourite of mine - the breakfast nook - yay! The tiled herringbone floor is gorgeous.

Nina has just enough layers to create a warm, comfy and interesting home without being OTT. Beautiful natural materials and texture for the relaxed, cosy vibe, and a touch of glam in the artwork and accessories.

Usually a peach bathroom is not so favourable with me (I've seen too many bad ones left over from the eighties), but teamed with chic panelling and simple black and white styling, Nina's is super cute.

Finish the tour off with a gorgeous blue walled pool area complete with festoon lights and a Buddha head - yes, I totally love Nina Dobrev's new digs! Check out more at MyDomaine.

Photos by Chris Patey

Urban Chic Manhattan Loft

I absolutely love the glamorous, cool style known as urban chic, so it's easy to see why I was gushing over this gorgeous Manhattan loft when I came across it on Domino. It's owner is Rita Hazan, the colourist famous for giving Beyoncé her divine shade of golden honey hair. When Rita moved into her new loft in Manhattan's NoHo neighbourhood, she enlisted the help of her friend, Nate Berkus (oh to have such friends!) and his interior design partner, Jeremiah Brent to help her decorate.

Rita wasn't sure what to do with the space and had only bought a white bed, but Nate knew straight away that he could match her personality to her home. "I know who you are", he said "you're black, white, neutral, art deco, urban chic". She hired him on the spot!

Working with Rita's favoured neutral colour palette, Nate and Jeremiah layered texture upon texture - which is the key to working with neutrals. Ivory Mongolian lamb's wool with off-white linen, black velvet with brass, rough-hewn wood with crystal - oh yes, divine, divine!

Nate describes Rita as a soft-spoken, thoughtful person with a rock-and-roll quality. He and Jeremiah (who is not only Nate's business partner, but also his fiancée) have nailed her style, I think -  not that I know Rita :) but you can just see it by looking at her. It's beautiful, sophisticated and glamorous with a bit of an edge.

Read more about the design process over on Domino. And for a similar vibe here are a few yummy products all available in New Zealand.

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A Touch of Glamour

I have eclectic taste. I love Scandinavian style; I love a touch of Bohemian; I love to add a bit of earthy, natural texture into my home; and most recently I am craving touches of glamour.

Whether it's a dash of gold or bronze, silver, a bit of sparkle. Luxurious texture in the form of velvet fabrics and fur throws. A splash of marble in your bathroom or kitchen, or on a table top. Chandeliers always shout 'glamour', and there are so many kinds to choose from. And the rich jewels tones of emerald green, peacock blue, magenta, and purple always look gorgeous...

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