Coastal Mood Board | Saben

Happy Monday to you all, here's to another fabulous week! I recently put together a mood board that reflects our coastal lifestyle here in New Zealand, and the relaxed-chic style we, at Bibby + Brady, love so much. Our inspiration was a selection of gorgeous Saben handbags in soft sky blue, warm caramel, and glamorous gold - Yasmin, Charlotte & Tilly's Big Sis...

What's your favourite colour palette? Look all around you for inspiration, and use it as a leaping off point for decorating your home. Pop over here for some more tips.

All is Calm

Running a business and a family makes for a very busy life, as I know many of you can attest to. I find at the moment that I'm drawn more and more towards very peaceful, tranquil interiors. While compiling some images to show you, a definite theme emerged - fresh white walls; beautiful furniture; not too cluttered but not too minimal; classic materials and texture; and a touch of nature, be it a plant, a photo, or the view out of the window.

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I still love those vibrant colours and patterns, but aren't all these images divine?! I feel more at ease and rested just looking at them.