ixxi my world

If you're a long-time follower of the blog you may remember my post from a couple of years ago featuring ixxi, an amazing decorative wall system created from a series of small squares snapped together with x's and i's. You can choose a single image, either your own or one from their image bank; or create a montage or a design from individual squares pieced together.

I've been dying to try out the system, so was really excited when I was contacted by ixxi recently and asked if I'd work with them on a collaboration for their blog - ixxi your world. Of course I jumped at the chance, and the next thing was to decide which image to use.

I knew the spot for my ixxi. Our kitchen and dining room are the last spaces in our home to get my attention. I wanted a piece of artwork with some impact for the back wall of the dining room, which you see when you walk in the back door. Our home has a laid-back coastal vibe with lots of colour and pattern - a real mix of Mark and my interests. So I chose a very cool surfing photo by US photographer Stephanie Sherman. Stephanie was kind enough to let me use the image and forwarded the digital file to ixxi for me.

It was an exciting day when the ixxi box arrived all the way from The Netherlands looking very smart.

I thought it might be a two-man job and waited to put it together until the weekend when Mark was home. But when he was more interested in tinkering with his mountain bike I decided to go it alone. I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was, and had a real sense of accomplishment when I stood back to see it hanging on the wall.

At first I was worried that I would tear the corner of the ixxi squares when I pushed the x's in, but the panels are extremely strong and durable. I just put both thumbs on either side of the hole and pushed down gently but firmly. The x's and i's just snapped into place.

When completed I attached the special band provided to the wall and snapped the entire ixxi onto it. I used a tape measure and level to make sure the band was in the right place, and it looked fantastic. Honestly, I was so impressed with how easy the whole process was.

When we got home from our holiday a couple of days ago, I opened the door and my ixxi was the first thing I saw - it made me smile, I love it! Now to rip up the horrid old lino and get a new table and chairs! ;) I can now happily recommend ixxi to all of you, it's such a great product. Pop over to their website to see exactly how it works.

Surfing Art

Being married to a surfer means I have to embrace that world - I pretend to be excited over how light the latest board is; and I know when there is a big swell to just let him go. But luckily for both of us I love the cool, laid back surfy vibe, and I like to incorporate his love of the surf into my love of interior design.

One of our local artists, Rakai Karaitiana, has taken some awesome photographs of local surf. You can purchase his prints from Aroha and Friends in Napier - enquire in-store or drop them an email.

Aquabumps in Sydney has a huge range of amazing photographic prints dedicated to early morning beach life. I have picked out a few that I'd love to get framed for our home.

Another website with beautiful images, including stunning aerial photographs from all over the world, is Gray Malin. The Gray Malin brand was fostered by a deep passion for photography and interior design, merged with a spirit for travel and adventure.

Now, in collaboration with the premiere craftsmen of Almond, Gray Malin have created a line of surfboards featuring their aerial À la Plage images. As well as being 100% surf-able, they can also be hung in your home - no prizes as to which I would do!

This reminds me of the crazy-beautiful Gypsy surfboard range created by a collaboration between McTavish and Sibella Court.

They're just so incredible, my biggest dilemma would be which design to choose. But one day I will have one of these boards on my wall - don't ask my when or how, but it will happen!