Navy & White

I was admiring the new window display at Black & Spiro the other day and it took me back to my childhood. My Mum loves navy blue & white, and our childhood home had lots of blue & white china, bedspreads, wallpaper, furniture, and I was dressed in it too. For a while, as an adult, I steered clear of navy, but there is no denying what a classic colour combination navy & white is. It's lovely on it's own, or magic with a pop of colour, maybe yellow or magenta. What about you... do you love navy blue?

Beautiful Black & Spiro Window Display

Love the pops of fresh citrus colours against the blue & white

Blue Willow print from Cush & Nooks store

What a gorgeous spot to relax

I am such a big fan of inlay furniture - divine!

I love this Blue Wash series available as individual prints from our Cush & Nooks store

A gorgeous collection of hand painted bowls

Yes, my Mum would love this outfit