Crazy About Kantha

Earlier this morning I posted a beautiful image to my Facebook page of a lovely tranquil bedroom all in white apart from a single Kantha cushion. As you well know, I'm crazy about colour and pattern, so it's easy to see why I love Kantha so much. I have a bunch of gorgeous quilts in the Cush & Nooks online store which have all been lovingly handmade in India. That Facebook image reminded of the incredible chair I'd seen recently when flicking through an old copy of Home Beautiful, covered in a multi coloured fruit print Kantha.

It got me thinking... I could take that little ottoman of mine down to my upholsterer and get it recovered using one of my quilts - brilliant! Not just ideal for bedspreads and throws, but the Kantha quilts can be used in so many ways...

Vintage Kantha armchair from EcoChic

Adorable child's chair covered in a bright Kantha from Sotomoto

I love these Kantha covered trunks from Sotomoto

A perfect shot of colour and pattern in these stools

Handmade ottoman beanbags, quilts, cushions - yum!

And even turned into art for the wall - Kantha Wall Plates