All The Beautiful Details

When I came across this gorgeous apartment recently on the Vogue website, I knew I had to share it with you. The colours, patterns and texture hooked me, then the art and all the glorious details reeled me in! It belongs to the founder and owner of Prentice Art Communications, Bettina Prentice and her husband, Jamie.

Bettina and Jamie tell a great story about moving-in day, when, instead of letting the enormous stack of unpacked boxes overwhelm them... "we got the stereo hooked up, got into a really great rhythm and everything found it's place organically".

Having Jamie's guitar on hand is perfect for pulling out when entertaining

The birdcage on the hall table holds things that Jamie needs as he's heading out the door,
like sunglasses, headphones, and the dog's leash

The crisp white of the bedding is picked up in the prints on either side of the bed

Bettina keeps a collection of shrunken paperback books on a table in her bedroom.
Designed to look like cigarette packs, they are adorable - I want a set!