Lounging in Style

My little brother has recently moved to Hawke's Bay, and now lives just around the corner from me. I've been dying to get my hands on his home, help him funk it up! He's a single guy, and interior styling is not top of his priority list - what's wrong with him! But he's kept pretty busy in his job making fabulous wine, so I forgive him.

He's bought himself a couple of 100% leather sofas from Big Save, which he loves, and they are super comfy. So I've been helping him find some pieces to complement them, and create a lounge that's cool, relaxed, and a bit 'boysy'.

clockwise from top left: Backflip Photo from Endemic World | Blood River Shore Wall Decal from House of Aroha | Vegas Boneyard Illuminated '&' from Fromage La Rue | Massa Two & Three Seater Sofas from Big Save Furniture | Jasper Grey Rug from Crate & Barrel | Tanned Leather Pouf from LET LIV | Emerald Zig-Zag Ikat Cushion from MintSix | Tangle of Antlers Cushion from Homebase Collections | Putty Ochre & Aqua Multi-Coloured Cushion from MintSix | Jeremiah Cushion from Country Road | Flos Gun Floor Lamp from ECC

I photoshopped this picture to help my bro visualise it. I'd love a throw for the three seater sofa, and we need to find a kick-ass coffee table, pile it with some of his surfing and wine books, and add a few more personal touches. But I think it's a pretty good start!