Decorating on a Budget

Another of my new series for 2014 is 'decorating on a budget' - tips and ideas for ways to beautify your home without breaking the bank. Today I've got a few different ideas for you to try...

Decorate with nature: Mother Nature is the most discerning artist, hands down, so take advantage of her creations. Bringing nature inside adds life, texture, shape, and colour. You don't have to spend a lot of money at a florist, just look to your own backyard. Whether it's a singe flower, a branch, or some glossy leaves, keep it simple, and let nature do the talking.

Even a simple bowl of stones can look stunning. Get the kids to help you find pretty and interesting stones from the beach or river.

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Hanging pictures: Art is the quickest way to add style and personality to your home, but framing can be costly. There are several ways that you can display your unframed artwork that will still look really cool. 

We all know and love washi tape with it's massive range of colours and patterns. Use it to not only stick your pics on the wall, but also frame them.

Wooden pants hangers are a really clever way to hang prints and posters. All you need is a nail or hook to hang them off.

And bulldog clips do an awesome job on larger pieces of art. Just make sure your four nails are in the right place so you don't get a saggy poster.

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Lego display: There are so many cool and inexpensive ways to decorate a child's room. Here are a couple of brilliant and simple ideas using Lego. Glue a Lego base sheet onto the top of wall shelf, or a small side table. Use it to display all your child's Lego creations.

I love this idea to display all the cool Lego characters. If little hands are going to be taking the characters on and off, make sure the blocks are securely attached. Otherwise hang it higher, purely as a cool piece of art.

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I hope you've found something here that you can use in your own home. I'd love to see photos if you do - email them to me, or post them to Instagram tagging me in (@cushandnooks), and with #cushandnooksdecoratingonabudget.