The Block Master Bedroom + Ensuite | Girls vs Boys

Last week on The Block required a mammoth effort from all the teams, as they had not one, but two spaces to create in just one week - their master bedroom and ensuite. There was some lovely work, but I have noticed a sea of white and beige across the board. I understand the need to create a beautiful blank canvas for future buyers, but I would dearly love to see more colour used in artwork and accessories.

Niki and Tiff: 1st place - 17 points (9 from Fiona and 8 from Paul)

Niki and Tiff have consistently used a neutral colour palette with a Boho vibe, and I do love their work. They have stuck with blinds throughout, but (and I've said this before) I think soft and subtle linen curtains would look beautiful in their spaces, and add softness.

The picture wall adds personality and I love the addition of the baskets for some texture and curves to break up the straight lines. The crystal pendants throw a beautiful pattern onto the panelled wall behind the bed. As much as I love the little stools/bedside tables (available to purchase through us, by the way), often in a master bedroom you want something with a drawer for everyday storage.

The little desk/makeup station is a great use of that corner nook. I love the big internal slider and the large walk-in wardrobe.

The ensuite is also consistent with their main bathroom, so the sense of continuity is great.

Sam and Emmett: 2nd place - 13.5 points (7.5 from Fiona and 7 from Paul and a -1 from N+T)

It was a particularly difficult week for these boys after it was discovered they had been getting outside interior styling help on previous rooms. As punishment they had to divvy up the winnings from their child's bedroom amongst the other three teams, and this week everyone was curious to see how they went on their own.

They did OK, I think. They had some good elements, and a nice (albeit very safe) colour scheme.

I like the concept of the bedside tables, and they would've been really cool if they were part of the headboard - one large built-in piece - but once again they don't allow for any extra storage. I would've moved the artwork slightly closer together and down, but they're quite cute.

The walk-in wardrobe is great, and I also like what they've done in the ensuite. An injection of colour would've been nice though - towels are an easy way to do this. Niki and Tiff disagreed about whether to use their -1 point, but Tiff's choice to use it on Sam and Emmett after only knowing Paul's scores, wasn't necessary in the end, as they were clear winners.

Emma and Courtney: 3rd place - 11 points (5 from Fiona and 6 from Paul)

Boy, do I want these girls to get a win! They always try really hard and have a great attitude, but their rooms lack enough oomph to take them across the line in first place. The judges didn't like the placement of the bed under the window, and I have to agree that the adjacent wall would've allowed them to give their bed more presence. The bed should be the main focal point of a bedroom, so it's nice to have some sort of hero piece, whether it's a headboard, artwork or a beautiful cushion or throw.

I do love the artwork by Jen Sievers, there are some of those colours I've been after! The girls pulled the pink out of it in their cushion, but I would've liked to have seen them go one step further and introduce some blue into the room, maybe in the throw or a cushion on the chair. Jen's art is amazing, but I would've used an even bigger piece, or pulled it down to have more of a connection with the chair, and placed a side table under it to create a little setting.

The wardrobe looks a little lacking, and I'm surprised the girls didn't do better on the storage aspect of their master bedroom, as they would've known from experience how important it is, especially to us gals.

But, their ensuite is great. I really like their choice of wall tiles and the timber floating vanity lit underneath. The black tiles in the shower are the same style as the white ones used in their main bathroom, which is a nice touch. But girls, more colour, more life!

Dlys and Dylz: Last place - 10 points (5 from Fiona and 5 from Paul)

I really like the fact that Dyls and Dylz have taken onboard advice from previous weeks. They are trying hard to simplify their design, while still staying true to the rustic look they love. In saying that, I feel the room needs more! I know that may be confusing to some, but it's all about getting a balance. You don't want too many elements competing for your attention, but you do want something to add personality, and the more simplistic a room is, the more important it is that every detail is just right.

The barn door is beautiful, but the wardrobe is definitely not big enough for a master bedroom. The floating bedsides are cool and consistent with other rooms, but again, maybe not functional enough. I like to live without too much clutter, but you do need a certain amount of storage to hide things away that you don't want on display all the time.

The ensuite is nice and pared back, but, I don't have to say it do I?... storage and some colour!

Now, I try not to give any of The Block contestants too hard a time, as we have to remember that none of them are professional interior designers, and they all have a crazy deadline each week that I know I would struggle with. I try to give constructive criticism so that any of you reading this may be able to use that in your own projects. Keep watching for more drama as this week unfolds, and check out TV3 for more pics and a list of suppliers.