The Block Living Room | Girls vs Boys

Last night's living room reveal saw Niki and Tiff finally knocked off the first place podium, and by Dyls and Dylz, what a turn around! Everybody's playing it pretty safe these days with their colour palette, but I guess that's because N+T have been consistently winning with this formula. It would be great to see someone let loose and do something to blow us all away, but with teams needing money to finish their homes, I'm not holding my breath, safe it is. Maybe outdoor or kitchen week.

Dyls and Dylz: 1st place - 16 points (8 from Fiona and 8 from Paul)

It was the large barn slider that created some impact in the boys' living room. Made by big Dyls, it adds a lovely warmth and texture to the room. I think a small entertainment unit under the TV would've been better than a bean bag though, don't you think? It would help ground the TV and be practical for storing your SKY box etc.

The large sofa is great for TV and movie watching, it looks pretty comfy, but just remember these modular sofas are not as good for social interaction, as everyone is sitting in a straight line. Neither of the judges liked the cow skin artwork, and I sure don't.

I had a quick play in Photoshop to add a piece of art I think would look much better. Here at Bibby + Brady we love large scale artwork.

Speaking of "large", an even bigger rug would've looked great and made the room feel much bigger. Ideally the whole sofa should be able to fit on the rug. It's great to see the double D's come away with a win though, I'm sure it will boost their confidence as well as their bank balance.

Niki and Tiff: 2nd place - 14.5 points (7.5 from Fiona and 7 from Paul)

We watched last week unfurl wondering if Niki & Tiff would find out that Dyls & Dylz were also using a barn slider (or vice versa), but we'll have to wait til tonight's episode I think. The girls' slider is used in a slightly different way - it can be slid across to hide the TV, which is clever.

I love the hint of colour in the artwork which is picked up in the rug. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of that fluffy rug though (sorry girls). I love the texture and the injection of colour, perhaps it would grow on me, not literally, hah!

I do love the sofa. Although I know white is not the most practical colour for a sofa, it looks like a slip cover, so it could be washed. We sell a similar sofa (in various sizes and colours) that has spare slip covers available to purchase, so you could put a fresh one on while the other is being washed. Email me for more info.

The judges comments were that Niki & Tiff's room was lacking warmth and practicality which is why they slipped from first place. What do you think?

Emma and Courtney: 3rd place - 14 points (7 from Fiona and 6 from Paul and the +1 point)

Emma & Courtney were under pressure to use the "+1" point they'd won at a previous challenge, but it wasn't quite enough to help their score. The girls did a lot of things right - they hung their curtains high to add height, they used large scale art, they had a nice built in shelf under their TV...

The room was nice, but not amazing. The rug was way too small and looked more like a front door mat than a living room rug, and the David Trubridge light was hung in the wrong place, it would've looked better at the other side of the sofa, or at one end of the console. I'm sure these girls have a win coming to them soon - come on girls!

Sam and Emmett: Last place - 12 points (7 from Fiona and 5 from Paul)

Not since week 1 have Sam and Emmett come in at last position, they've been doing pretty well. But their living room didn't quite hit the mark. I like an eclectic mix, but their room feels a bit confused with lots going on but nothing quite fitting.

Instead of the wing back leather chair, a mid century chair covered in a cool check would've looked awesome (see my crude photoshopping below). The shape of the chair works with the shape of the sofa, and the wooden legs tie in the colour of the leather poufs and the coffee table.

But I like that the boys have pulled the yellow and green out of the parrot art and used it in the cushions, throw and flowers.

Their posed photos were my favourite thing in the room - priceless! :)

I can't wait to hear what room is up next. Surely the kitchen, or maybe the dining room? Tune in to TV3 tonight to find out.