Favourite Space | Kelly Davis

It's great to be able to kick off 2018 with one of our 'favourite space' posts, and we know you're going to love this one belonging to Kelly Davis. Kelly and her husband, Julian (or Jules as Kelly calls him), own Davcon, a building company specialising in high quality new homes, home alterations, and commercial work throughout Hawke's Bay.

Kelly and Jules worked with architect, Graeme Weaver, when it came to building their own family home in the Esk Hills two years ago, which they share with their three young sons, Louis (10 yrs), and twins, Felix and Rocco (9 yrs).

Kelly's favourite space is her 'mustard room', a living room which she likes to call her own. A feminine space where she encourages children not to venture. With beautiful views to the outdoors, it enjoys the last of the day's sun, and is cosy in the cooler months with the help of the very cool concrete fireplace.

Although feminine, the room also has an edginess to it with it's bold mustard carpet and dark walls. Kelly always knew she wanted this room when they started the design, but her main fear was that it would end up looking like a bumblebee. With the help of two of her friends, Hannah and Ana, who also have great design sense, Kelly chose a charcoal paint colour to team with the carpet. The strong contrast is then softened with Chesterfield-style sofas, a Chiang Mai coffee table, and layers of cushions, candles, flowers and accessories.

Time for our Q&A's so we can get to know Kelly a little better...

Tell us about your favourite space, and what you most love about it?

I love my “mustard room” because it’s quite a feminine space, which surprises me when it has such bold colours. But with a house full of boys (even the cat’s male) I wanted a gentle, feminine area somewhere in the house, and it has evolved into that. I love having fresh flowers, lighting a candle, and just hanging out in it whenever I get the chance. It’s a “no wrestling zone”. 😊

What’s your favourite time of the day?

I love it in the afternoon when I’ve picked the kids up from school. If we have no after-school activities, I often go into the mustard room, as it’s the sunny part of the house at that time, and fold the washing!

A morning yoga class straight after the school drop-off is also a lovely time of day.

Who or what inspires you?

I love people who march to the beat of their own drum, whether it’s artistically or musically. People who just have that inner knowledge that what they’re doing is right for them, so they just go about doing their thing 100% authentically.

What are you reading/listening to right now?

When I don’t get sucked down the Facebook/Instagram rabbit warren, I’m slowly reading Brene Brown’s “Braving the Wilderness” – I love the research she’s done on ‘Vulnerability’; and our current bookclub book is a Maisie Dobbs' mystery (I think I’m on Chapter 2 - lol).

I'm listening to my kids; but I also love Imagine Dragons and have “Thunder” on repeat at the moment. 

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury – cheese & crackers over dessert any day. 

Favourite drink?

My brother Casey made espresso martinis on Christmas day that were a bit decadent.

Favourite thing/item you own?

The baby grand my cousin gave me is a great love and I am so grateful to him for giving it to me, but my friends might say the mustard carpet because they know I’m a bit precious about it! I invited people to a New Year’s Eve party but told them in the invite they weren’t allowed to eat or drink on my mustard carpet, and a friend cheekily replied, ‘unless the food is of the yellow variety, as in pineapple or papaya!’.

Kelly knew there wasn't the space for a seperate music room in their plans, so she had Graeme Weaver include a nook in her front living room especially for her piano.

Top of your wish list for your home?

A lot of landscaping! Along with a pool and some outdoor furniture to go with it.

Thank you so much Kelly and Jules for allowing us into your amazing home and letting us share a little piece of it. To all our readers, make sure you check out some of Davcon's other projects if you're looking for a first rate building team.

Kelly's mustard room was truely special, but quite frankly the whole house is incredible. We couldn't resist showing you a sneak peek of another of our favourite rooms - the dining room which overlooks Esk Valley...

The cat was also super cute! He co-ordinated beautifully with the mustard room, but was quite partial to the large green rug in the other living room.

Let's finish with a quick tip... we love a large rug to ground furniture and help zone a space. A cost-effective solution for this is to get a piece of carpet cut to the right size and have the edges bound, as Kelly has done here. Also, if you're not brave enough to carpet your room in mustard (or olive green), a large rug is a great alternative.

Steve Hoskin - Surf Art

I was introduced to the incredible art of Steve Hoskin recently, and I'm so pleased I was. Steve is a self taught New Zealand artist with an equal passion for art and the ocean.
He creates the most amazing 3-dimensional masterpieces that capture the soul of surfing and bring back memories of when life was more simple.

'A Spanner In The Works'

There's no question, if you're a Kiwi, that these images of old baches, shops, and seaside settings will stir up memories and feelings of nostalgia. It took me right back to my childhood summers spent in Gisborne and Ohope. You can clearly see why people are fast falling in love with Steve's work.

'The Perfect Backyard'

I asked Steve if he could answer some questions about his work, and he was kind enough to oblige. So here's a little insight into the mind and work of Steve Hoskin...

Steve surrounded by his work

Can you tell me about your background - where you live, what led you to become an artist?

I now live in Army Bay on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. It's been a big change for us moving from the West Coast to the East after 30 odd years, but being a part of our grandchildren's lives has been worth it. We still have ocean views and live in a cool little bach, but hey I just have to travel a bit more to catch a wave - all good :) 

I was brought up in a typical kiwi household. One of seven children, sat around the table for all our meals, Sunday roasts, sing songs around the piano, good times, good memories... simple times. They were the days kids could walk or ride their bikes 3-4 kms to their mates house to play, or ride 10 miles on their bikes just for the fun of it. I have fond memories of those simple times. My grandfather had a bach at Port Waikato where we would spend many of our summer holidays with my cousins and family friends. That was where I was first introduced to the West Coast which I grew to love and respect. I started surfing at the age of 17 at Bethells Beach on Auckland's West Coast, my brothers are still local surfers there. I love going back there, the place has hardly changed - that's what I love about it. 

As to becoming an artist, I was the kid who always loved to draw. I was always asking for, and looking for a clean sheet of paper. In my school reports the teacher always said I needed to work on concentration! I was often away with the fairies, a bit of a dreamer... I was thinking about what I was going to draw next! However, I did get top marks in art - I guess I have always been an artist in a way, it's just in you, it's who you are. But I only got back into my art seriously six to seven years ago as a surf artist, inspired by my love of the ocean and surfing and the old surfing culture, which my art portrays.


Your passion for the beach and surfing is clearly evident in your work. That's a great combination - surfing and art. I imagine you going for a surf in the morning, and then coming home to work in your studio - is that how it works? 

You are right, surfing and art is a great combination because both are creative skills, and without my passion for the ocean and surf my art wouldn't be where it is today. As for going for a surf every morning... yea right, haha! Unfortunately that's not how it is. As yet I don't make a living off my art. I'm a painter/decorator by trade, this is what pays the bills. I'm working towards becoming a full time artist in the near future. I do my art for enjoyment and its a great bonus that it is becoming sought after and selling quickly, so there are times like before exhibitions where I do work full time on my art to meet deadlines. As far as going for a surf... unfortunately there's not surf out there every day, I get a surf in when I can. I wish I did go for a surf every morning then spent my arvos in the studio, in my dreams!

'Fully Loaded'

What materials do you use in your 3-dimensional pieces? And what's the process, how long does each piece take you? 

An artist has his secrets... If I tell you it's no longer a secret ;). I use quite a number of materials. The process is a lot of shaping, gluing, sanding, a lot of work goes into my pieces before I put a brush to them. I've never really worked out how long a piece takes me because they're all different and sometimes I'm working on more than one piece at a time, so it's a bit hard to calculate. One day I might be able to give you a better answer, but really, I don't want to work it out because I just like my art to happen without time barriers. Sometimes if you work out how long it takes you in comparison to how much you get, you might be disappointed. I don't view my art as a job, I view it as recreation, like my surfing. If you start to put limits or time barriers on it you might loose that aspect and that'd be a shame.

Work in progress

Are the baches and shops you feature actual places? Do you work from photos or memory? 

No they're not actual places, they could be anywhere in New Zealand. They can be anywhere you want them to be depending on your own memories. I sold a piece just recently titled 'Childhood Memories'. The lady who purchased it said "that's exactly my childhood memories!". She emailed me and thanked me for creating a piece that made her smile every time she looked at it - for her it was somewhere, to me it was no particular place. That's what I like creating - pieces that people can relate to, where they remember and that can be any coastal town in New Zealand. I can't work off photos, If I did it would be to stylized and that's not me. Everything I do comes out of my head, based on my own memories. I love old shops and old baches and I guess I take notice of them without even really realizing.
I file them away in my memory and when the time is right, I recreate them in my art. It's a way of preserving the past. Many of our iconic family baches have gone, because they were built on prime coastal land, that's a shame, replaced by city type dwellings with no character, in my opinion. Baches portray simplicity, good times, uncomplicated times. Those times have disappeared with those bachs and old shops. So through my memories I try to recapture those times.

'Lazy Sunday'

Your mixed media work on surfboards are incredible. Do you still create these? 

I do ocassionaly. Sometimes they are commissions done on someone's old surfboard with their own history of that board. I love working on the surfboard as a canvas because it is already 3-dimensional and because someone has had so many good memories with that board, not just on waves, but also in travel.

'Morning Glass'

Where can people see and purchase your art? 

They can see and purchase my artwork from Art Matakana, Leigh Road, Matakana. That's a lovely gallery worth looking at - definitely worth the drive to check it out! I also do commissions and this can be arranged by emailing me - steve@nzsurfart.com. People can also see images of my artwork on my Facebook page, my daughter Rochelle manages this for me. She manages all the behind the scenes stuff with my art, so she keeps my page up to date with all my latest pieces, exhibitions, events, etc.

'Too Close For Comfort'

What other creative people inspire you? 

There are heaps of great kiwi artists, past and present. I love Aaron Kereopa's work - he carves surfboard blanks and does amazing work. Other surf artist like Tony Ogle, Daryn McBride and Peter Lambert...all great artists.

'The Car Park - Odd Man Out'

What does the future hold for you - any upcoming exhibitions? 

The future? Just for me to keep going with my art. It's an ongoing process. As long as I can keep doing art which brings a smile to someones face and triggers a nostalgic mood, then I will keep doing it, because that's what my art is about. I exhibited at the NZ Art Show in Wellington last month, which meant I was flat out working on my art for about six months.
 I do have another exhibition in the pipeline...so will definitely keep you posted as to when this will be - details will be on my Facebook page!

No Time For Rules

Thanks for taking the time to answer these, Steve, you're awesome! :)

Love From Friday

With three children of my own, plus lots of Bibby + Brady clients whose childrens' rooms we design, I'm always on the hunt for great products to use. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered the new online shop, Love From Friday, which stocks a range of kids' bedlinen and accessories. Overflowing with colour and pattern, they promise to delight both kids and their mums.

Owner of Love From Friday, Jane Hudson, is based in Wellington, but she sources her quality fabric from all around the world, designing and making all the products herself. Like me, Jane is addicted to colour and pattern, and believes in creating beautiful bedrooms that children will adore. I chatted to Jane recently and found out a little bit more about how Love From Friday came about.

You recently completed a Diploma in Interior Design & Decorating. Can you tell us about your background before that?

I completed a Psychology degree at Canterbury University. I've worked in recruitment and event management in both New Zealand and the UK, where I based myself in London and spent three years working and travelling. For a number of years I considered enrolling in a course related to either interior design or graphic design. Then a few years after returning to New Zealand, I decided to stop thinking and start studying, so I enrolled in an interior design course. Around the same time, my husband and I also decided to start a family, and I am now the very lucky mum to two gorgeous kids - Hannah who is four, and Max who's two. Taking maternity leave gave me time to reflect on what I wanted out of my career and I decided that I wanted more than just a job, I wanted a passion. After considering a number of options, Love from Friday was born…..my third baby.

What made you decide to make childrens' bedlinen?

Initially I toyed with the idea of offering an interior design service focused solely on kids’ bedrooms/nurseries (and I still have this idea in the back of my mind) but at the moment I am focused on sourcing and making products for Love from Friday.

There are businesses that make some gorgeous kids bedlinen in New Zealand, but I felt that I could add something more to the industry with my own brand and my own style. I have a passion for colour and fabric and pattern. I love the idea of kids’ bedrooms being fun and inspiring spaces. A few key pieces in a bedroom can make the whole space come alive. My own kids’ rooms are what I would describe as ‘works in progress’ but they are definitely full of colour and pattern and the walls are plastered with lots of their fabulous art work. I want them to feel proud of their bedrooms and I want to them to love spending time in them.

What can we expect from Love From Friday in the future?

Launching my shop earlier this month, after a year of planning and sourcing and designing and making, was such a big milestone. It’s an exciting journey. I'm trying to take it one step at a time but there are so many things buzzing in my head! 

Firstly I want to expand our range of kids’ bedlinen and add more products to our offering. 
I love the idea of eventually doing some of my own fabric designs, maybe using screen printing. And I would like to explore other options beyond children’s bedrooms, that are also close to my heart. In particular, products for children’s arts and crafts, and kids parties.

As well as single and king-single duvet covers and pillowcases, Jane has a range of gorgeous cushion covers...

A selection of adorable cot duvet covers...

And super cute bunting...

If you like what you see and want to keep up to date with any new products and specials, make sure you sign up for the Love From Friday newsletter, and 'like' them on Facebook
I, for one, can't wait to see what Jane comes up with next.