Tech Wish List

My eldest daughter turns 12 in a week, and it seems she shares my love of cool tech accessories - she's left me a ton of clues for birthday presents. The wish list below is mine, but it does cross over with my daughter's (she might get one of these if she's lucky). If you need a USB cable or a charger, you may as well make it a good looking one!

Skinnydip London USB iPhone 5 cable | Layla rose gold headphones | Nacre striped iPhone 5 case back me up mobile charger (also available from Alex Fulton Design) | Clare Vivier oversize clutch
- to hold my laptop and accessories
| Kate Spade bluetooth speaker

Birthday Wish List

Today is my birthday! Yay, it's shaping up to be a brilliant day. I decided the perfect post for today would be a selection of items on my wish list.

The Gerard Bar Cart is just a dream, as it would cost too much to ship it from Australia. I haven't been able to find similar in New Zealand, so maybe I'll have to have one made! 

I really need one of these cute Back Me Up Mobile Chargers, as I often chew through my phone's battery life when I'm out & about. 

I've already got the Absolutely Beautiful Things book on order, but it's not due til the end of the month - can't wait.

I love this Vince Camuto gold bangle, and the "V" for Vic is a sure sign it's meant for me.

This Hay chair has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and I really hope to have six of them around my dining table one day. Love, love, love!

I loved the first Roundie towel that was released, but this Moroccan-inspired Majorelle Roundie towel is my favourite, and a must for me this Summer.

I recently bought a MacBook Pro, so I can blog on the go, and now I need to find the perfect laptop bag. I'm a big fan of Clare Vivier, and her Oversize Clutch is a front runner.