Introducing Briana to Team Bibby + Brady

One of the best pieces of business advice I've had is to hire your weaknesses. Bibby + Brady has always worked well with just the two of us because Dael and I compliment each other with our strengths. But as we've got busier and started taking on bigger projects, we wanted to be able to offer our clients a more complete interior design service. So we're thrilled to have a new member of Bibby + Brady to help us do just that. Meet interior architect, Briana Joll...

Briana emailed us at the end of last year when she and her husband were getting ready to relocate from Auckland to Hawke's Bay. We caught up for a coffee earlier this year once she had made the move down. With a Bachelor's degree in Spacial Design, certificates in ArchiCAD and CAD Draughting, and a working background in commercial interior design, we knew she'd be a valuable addition to our team. Being able to offer both our commercial and residential clients 3D visuals, along with documenting, draughting, and elevation drawings meant we could offer the best possible service to our clients.

We got straight to work getting Briana to create 3D visuals for a clients' laundry and kitchen renovation. These are so valuable when your client wants to see their space before starting on the construction stage.

It's an optional service we now offer, and it's a great tool for visualising how things fit and how different colours and materials will look. It's much better to spend a bit of time at this planning stage, tweaking the design until you're happy, than making changes at the construction stage or after installation.

In this particular laundry, the doors and the room are existing, and we're getting the cabinetry made and installed by our joiner. Briana can also do the elevation drawings if necessary.

Below are examples of elevation drawings Briana has done for some commercial jobs. Elevations show the fronts or sides of something, as opposed to a floor plan which shows a space from above. They're intended for use as a guide for construction, and as well as commercial projects, elevations are also great for residential kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, or anywhere that requires built-in joinery, such as bookshelves or an office.

Space planning is another of Briana's fortes, as you can see from this commercial office project below. Dael and I are also adept at this, but Briana's experience in spatial design and CAD software definitely enhances our services now.

So you see, the addition of Briana to our team means that Bibby + Brady can be your one stop interior design shop, cliché as that may be. Whether your project is residential or commercial, we can take it from the concept to the finished interior, project managing it along the way, and including submitting plans to Council (when necessary). You don't need to go to a number of different professionals, we can handle it all for you and take away much of the stress. We love having Briana as part of our team, and if you work with us you will definitely benefit from her too. Visit our 'Design Service' tab to find out more about working with us, and make sure you download our "work with us" pdf to learn more about our services and processes.

Favourite Space | Yolande Kjestrup

When the name Yolande Kjestrup was mentioned by a couple of different people recently, Dael and I decided to track her down. We styled the home of artist, Rae West, for a photo shoot (see page 50 of the August issue of Your Home & Garden), and her amazing Mexican-inspired outdoor room was designed by Yolande. We then visited the home of new clients and when we commented on their lovely backyard, they too had used Yo.

Rae West's outdoor room - photo by  Sarah Horn  for Your Home & Garden

Rae West's outdoor room - photo by Sarah Horn for Your Home & Garden

In our job, we often work on exterior colour schemes as well as outdoor rooms, decks etc, so we'd been looking for a garden designer that we could work side by side with. We really love Yo's work and are excited about working with her on future projects - for our clients, and also for our new office and showroom.

Yo Designs is the name of her business, and under that banner comes The Green Room (garden consultation & design), and The Dressmaker's Wardrobe (vintage inspired fashion). "I never grew out of playing with dolls," says Yo. "I have three life size dolls I love to dress". She's talking about her three grown-up daughters who live in Auckland and Wellington -  Hannah, 29, Romany, 24, and Brynne, 21.

The Green Room (website to come) is a garden design service based on sustainable principles. It's very important to Yo that she creates environmentally friendly gardens, and that she is able to educate people. "It's all about soil and water quality, and reducing plastic waste," she says. Yo can visit you for a consultation and provide you with her ideas along with the names of the plants she recommends, or you can take it further for a complete garden design. Her designs are like a work of art and all carefully hand-drawn.

I asked Yo a few questions so we could get to know her better...

What do you love most about your space - your work room?

Having the room to have several projects on the go at once. It's my multi-purpose creative space. I can set up a garden plan on the drawing board and think about it while constructing a garment at the table. What with the light, view of the garden from the window, music playing, I can stay there for hours.

What is your favourite time of day?

Early morning. I'm an early riser. I'm at my most productive first thing. I like to start work when it's still dark, check out what I've drawn the night before, see if I still like it, watch the morning come, walk the dog.

What are you reading at the moment?

I'm reading "Beautiful Me" by a local author Natasha Jennings.

What inspires you?

I believe you can't create in a vacuum. I like to get out and about to find inspiration. You can find it in the most surprising and everyday'ish' places.

Sweet or savoury?

Free range and ethically sourced.

Favourite drink?

That first early morning coffee!

Favourite item you own?

My photograph of the three girls. It was taken one Christmas by their father, Phil Tasker-Poland, who is a photographer and videographer. I love the joy and the movement.

Top of your wish list?

To turn the garden shed into a 'green' studio to showcase my designs.

Yo is weaving her magic on some living creations for our Bibby + Brady showroom, so you'll be able to pop in and see them soon. If you don't live locally I will be sure to post photos, and keep an eye out for her new website also.

Thank you to Florence Charvin for her fantastic photography skills.

I'll leave you with some more words from Yo...

"Green is not something you can buy. Green is a way of life. Treasure everything. Think permaculturally. Live sustainably in all ways. Make it, grow it, build it. Do all you can with what you have".


Favourite Space | Tony Harrington

I'm excited to kick off this week with another of our 'Favourite Spaces' blog posts, this time it's the work space and viewing room of amazing local artist, Tony Harrington. Also, long time followers of my Cush & Nooks blog will see that the blog is now part of our Bibby + Brady website. We're growing up and it was time to incorporate everything under the one umbrella. I hope you'll continue to visit me here. The content will remain consistent, it's just a new address - same, same, but different.

Tony Harrington is the coolest guy - super talented, a genuinely nice guy, and very humble! He creates beautiful pieces using a variety of mediums, many of them made from recycled timber. Tony has a great respect and appreciation of the Maori culture, and a lot of his work is influenced by traditional Maori art forms. He brings the Maori and Pakeha cultures together to depict a nostalgic and truely Kiwi perspective.

Tony's favourite space is his self-made studio "The View Room" at the back of his home, along with his back yard. He and his wife and their two young daughters have lived in the house for nine years, and when they first arrived there was only one solitary bush out the back. Tony built the deck, the fence, his built-in BBQ and outdoor bar, as well as the art space. The latest addition is an outdoor bath, which his girls, Ella and Lily, love.

I asked Tony a few questions about the space, and more, so we could get to know him a bit better...

What do you love about the space?

Just the whole vibe of the area. It's a place where the whole family can just kick back, relax and reflect in. The View Room space has been a welcome addition and revelation to the whole backyard. I can sit in here, enjoy a quiet ale and the artistic inspirations just flow! Its our own little sanctuary, the holiday zone at home!

Did anyone help you?

Yes, a good builder friend of mine, 'Marky', helped with the construction of the View Room, and my two little girl helpers are always on hand with backyard builds - especially the recent addition of the outdoor bath.

What is your favourite time of day?

I'd have to say probably late afternoon leading into evening. I am at my most productive this time of day and work well into the night. Although I must say I do definitely enjoy my morning coffee.

Who or what inspires you?

Everything and everyone! I am constantly finding inspiration on a daily basis, from what I am experiencing in my environment, what I am reading, listening to, seeing and just being.

What are you reading/listening to?

I am not a big reader but when I get the time I do enjoy a good book. I tend to go for autobiographies, currently I have Bear Grylls - "Mud, Sweat & Tears" on the go.

I always listen to music while I work, and always on the playlist to kick things off is Bruce Springsteen, mixed in with some good kiwi sounds from the likes of Kora, Six60, and Tiki. I also can't go past some classic 90's rock from Pearl Jam and the like, then rounded off with some mellow reggae beats.

Sweet of savoury?

Oh that depends on the mood, but mostly savoury.

Favourite drink?

That's a tough one! I saw a good quote recently which went something like: "coffee keeps me going until I can drink beer".

Favourite item you own?

This would have to be my retro Healing Cruiser, 3 speeds of pure timeless craftsmanship. I love the morning rides to my local coffee shop, Switch Coffee Roasters. Best way to start a day.

Top of your wish list for home?

Well, the next major renovation project for the home is going to be the kitchen/dining room. For this space I have a vision of a custom made dining table probably raw steel and wood. I have an idea of how this will look but it may change during the fabrication stage, as things usually do!

Thanks Tony, I'm sure that dining table will be amazing. If you want to get in touch with Tony you can message him through his Facebook page, or email him, especially if you want to see his work in person in The View Room - Kennedy Road, Napier. He also has work at The Poi Room in Auckland, Ora Gallery in Wellington, and Moko Artspace in Hot Water Beach. He will also be exhibiting at this year's NZ Art Show in June at the TSB Bank Arena, Wellington.

All of these photographs have been taking by the awesome and talented Florence Charvin - go and check out her Mother's Day Special Offer. As we were leaving this shoot, Florence found her favourite space at Tony's home - an adorable 'tree house' that he made for his girls - lucky kids!