Bibby + Brady Interior Process

Some of you may know that Dael & I offer a Bibby + Brady 'e-decorating service'. It means you don't have to live in Hawke's Bay to work with us. All you need is a phone to chat with us, a computer to email us, and a camera to snap some photos of your chosen space. 

I thought I'd show you an example of the process. The following photos are the 'before' photos of Angie and Ryan's entranceway. It really was a blank canvas! Our brief was to create a 'wow' factor with a console or bench seat for Angie to display fresh flowers, a statement piece of art or a mirror, and a great pendant light. They didn't need storage for shoes or bags, as there was a cupboard around the corner for these things. Ryan liked bright green, and although Angie wasn't so sure, she was open to our ideas.

This is the concept board we produced. We used Ryan's green on the ceiling. It brings the outside in, looks really fresh with white walls, and adds some 'wow' without being too overwhelming. The black and white runner leads your eye into the home. We wanted the console table to have simple, clean lines so that it didn't 'fight' with the statement art piece. We chose a gorgeous pendant light, but because it was quite pricey we also included a more affordable alternative - our save and splurge.

This is the finished entranceway. Once of the reasons we love working with Angie and Ryan is that they trust us, and follow our concepts very closely. We recommended an Armadillo runner, but because there were a couple of special 'wow' pieces in this entranceway, the budget dictated a smaller runner for now, which still looks great.

We found this a-ma-zing vintage brass console table from Mid Century Swag and knew it would be perfect (thank goodness Angie & Ryan agreed).

I'm a big fan of Andrew O'Brien's artwork, and love how this piece picks up the green in the ceiling.

Angie and Ryan didn't end up choosing either of our original lights, although they loved the 'splurge'. But we found these cute beaker pendants from Lighting Plus that look great hung at different levels.

So that's our process from concept to reality. It's only a tiny space, but your entranceway is very important for creating first impressions. We're currently working with several clients from Hawke's Bay and beyond, and will keep you updated with progress. If you'd like some help with your space/s, maybe your home, or your workplace, please get in touch.